CTB 9: How to retire your bike

You are a true and crazy cyclist if you a) have more than one bike and b) have an emotional connection with your bike(s), so you can never sell them. Now we have a dilemma: we have several bikes, we love them all but how can we use them all at least a little bit? Here is an idea: take your road bike and retire it by turning it into your travel and commute companion! Here how to treat your old friend with this makeover - and give it some love too!:

  1.  Send it to a  spa and hammam - clean it thoroughly and massage and rub it where needed
  2.  Send it to a doctor and replace some "joints" - put new tires, new chain, new brake pads etc
  3. Add light and bright bags for your trips - the good old aluminum frame can carry a lot!  
  4. With the new weight and bags (like people, bikes tend to be heavier when they are older :-)) - you might want to change to a compact crankset - so powering up hills is easier!
  5. Take it everywhere you go! Your old bike has been waiting for it too long..
  6. And finally, you can still brag with it - keep the race stickers on it! You can cherish the memories of your joint achievements together :-) 

Have a good ride on your "retired" bike!