Your organization provides the context for engagement at work and health of the employees. Everything matters: how you run your meetings, how your employees travel to work, what is on stock in vending machines and on the menu in cafeteria.

Make your company FIT!

Your corporate Health, Engagement and Performance (HEP) program starts with first understanding what kind of support and role modeling is provided by the top management and key official and unspoken rules and procedures in your company. Do you encourage direct feedback? Is your company mission statement inspiring enough? Do you run MBTI training in the teams? Do you talk about the effects of positive and negative emotions at the workplace? What do you encourage to use - elevator or stairs?  This list goes on and on - these small and seemingly insignificant details can have a huge impact on the performance of your organisation and your employees.

Our service is to observe and analyse all these details and to propose you a holistic HEP plan under the MyCompanyFit umbrella. Tatjana and our coaches will act as transformation coach for your organisation.  

We provide trainings and expertise on definition of inspiring mission statement, productive meetings, effective email culture, perfect preparation for everyone, unbeatable mind routines for executives, healthy and sustainable performance food choices, better commute, TravelFit and IronCore clinics, etc. -  to improve energy level and health of the whole organization. 

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