Born in St Petersburg, Russia, educated in Germany and Switzerland, Tatjana holds an MBA in Economics and a Master of Advanced Studies in Sport Administration and Technology. She worked 10 years in marketing management at Procter&Gamble and then followed her passion for sports to work at the International Olympic Committee.  But "building a better world through sport" is much better done one person at a time and without global sports politics, so Tatjana moved on to become a full-time life and performance coach. With her English, German, Russian and French she trains her clients around the world, helping them on their transformation journey. 

A former national level track cyclist, Tatjana was the first Russian woman to finish Ironman World Championships on Hawaii in 2003. Since then she raced Ironman around the world, completing 18 races, including the extreme Swissman. She also successfully raced many ultra-endurance cycling, trail running and cross-country skiing events.  Her personal experience is enriched by her extensive qualifications: she is a Certified Ironman coach (WTC), Elite long distance triathlon coach (Germany, DTU),  Level 2 TrainingPeaks coach and most importantly, certified TriSutto coach, working with Brett Sutton, the most successful triathlon coach in the world, and his professional elite athletes.

Tatjana is a certified Human Energy facilitator  by Human Performance Institute and Life Transformation coach by Tony Robbins Results Coaching. She runs Human Peak Performance, Creativity, Burn-Out Prevention and My Company Fit seminars and workshops and is frequently invited as motivational speaker. Her style is inspirational, heart- and mind-opening and fun. She blends the insights from human physiology and elite sports performance with daily life and business challenges to inspire action, break mental barriers, change emotional state, re-define what is "possible" and forget the "impossible".  She is a "kick-ass" coach who wants to achieve action from each participant and take a first baby step on the transformation journey right now. 

In over 10 years of coaching Tatjana led many people to their personal transformation to a more purposeful, engaged and happier life and she helped many athletes to cross unbelievably hard finish lines smiling.

My purpose is to contribute to improving life through sport and healthy and conscious lifestyle.
— Tatjana Ivanova aka CoachTatjana