1. Questionnaire: We send you a questionnaire with questions regarding your current health and fitness state, sporting experience, your perceived strengths and weaknesses, your time budget and “time slots” for the training – and of course, your objectives.

 2. Introduction – we connect to get to know each other (live, online, etc)

 3. Performance assessment: There are several options:

- We assess your current performance and fitness level based on the data provided.

- We ask you to perform several simple self-administrated functional tests and to measure your max and rest heart rates.

- We ask you, if possible and sensible, to do a performance test at the certified medical base or hospital, to check ECG under stress, especially if you are an older athlete, and to define key training parameters in lab conditions.

Your training will be based on your heart rate (and watt, if available, for cycling) zones. 

 4. Draft Plan - We build a draft plan for your “average” training week which we then discuss to make sure it fits your schedule 100%.

 5. Master plan and monthly plans – Based on your individual master-macro plan till your A race, we will be sending you a monthly individual plan, based on your availability which you will need to communicate in advance. Our premium clients will have an opportunity to receives updates to their plan, in case of short-term changes (travels, work/private commitments, etc)

 6. Touch-base – for our premium clients, we are available 24/7. With all clients we have a monthly phone-call to review progress and answer all questions. Ad-hoc phone/skype call are always possible. If you on TrainingPeaks, we will review and comment on your uploaded data at least once a week.

7. Additional resources – We will regularly supply you with additional programs and guidance, like new drills, new ideas, new challenges. Please always ask us and will dig through out knowledge and network to provide you with an answer.