“Tatjana’s “Grow your energy” training was a fun-tastic experience; it was enjoyable, refreshing, well-rounded, and, most importantly, immediately actionable.
The training outlined the principles of the science of human energy and gave us many practical tips which we practiced during the day; from movement, nutrition & hydration to laser-focusing our minds, managing our emotions, finding meaning, developing habits, and even relaxing and having fun. We concluded the training by preparing our own personal Training Plans, so it was very flexible and highly personalized to our needs.
Tatjana’s experience and personality give her much credibility; she walks the talk and exudes energy and passion; actually she runs and bikes the talk! And she is not only a knowledgeable role model, but also approachable and pleasant. This is a high ROI training.”

 - Omar Mahmoud, Chief Market Knowledge, UNICEF

Tatjana ran her Energy Management workshop for our expert Global training managers, it was when we were facing a huge amount of change internally and we looked to inspire our people , and help them Grow their own personal energy .
Tatjana was great to work with, she fully understood our needs and tailored her approach accordingly. Her style is dynamic and easy to grasp simple solutions and plans with a no messing no fear approach .
What I appreciate and is rare is that she holds each person accountable to deliver their plan via engaging vehicle’s.
When you are a coach and are facing professional people on topic of human energy you better be motivating and walking your talk
Tatiana is a Tour De La Force , with proven results. I would not hesitate to recommend her
— Deborah Lynch, International Senior Director, Coty

“On my side, I never miss breakfast anymore and instead of having to drag myself out of bed and rush through everything, I now usually wake up just a few minutes before the alarm goes off (I never thought the day would come when that happened!). Also, recent experiences are making me feel very thankful for the smallest things in life, and a realization that most of the time we complain about things that are not worth it and by doing so add unnecessary negativity to our lives. 

  - Manager at International Olympic Committee

“I’ve started to formalise my life missions and I’m working on it. This is my third week without milk and dairy products and I really feel better, I’ve lost 1.5 Kg without doing nothing. You were very right. Thank you!”

  - Manager at Procter&Gamble

“I got back to my morning yoga routine which I had neglected in the past 2 years. And I would love to enjoy running because that was something I hated before. That’s a life change in attitude for me. Thanks for all your energy and positivity. 

  - Manager at International Olympic Committee