We have two mantras for training and racing: "Joy in the effort" (always!) and "Pain is temporary, glory is forever" (sometimes..)

Our coaching philosophy is built on five principles: 

 1. Individuality: Each person and each athlete is different; some are tough while some are fragile. We will work together to develop a highly individualized and holistic training plan, based on the thorough assessment of the you past, current status-quo and the objectives for the future.

 2. Balance: Busy life requires balanced approach. Together, we will make sure that your training is effective, efficient and well integrated into your life. Together, we will try to balance all areas of your life.

 3. Continuity and endurance: Nothing beats repetition and grit. Athletes know it best: deliberate daily practice and repetition of “train-eat-sleep” make a champion over the long run. Continuity of these daily, seemingly insignificant actions provides the most important basis and the only fundament of reaching your goals. All endurance is based on deliberate conditioning and disciplined repetitions.

 4. Nutrition: We are what we eat. Top performance needs top fuel. Nutrition strategy is your race strategy in long distance events. We will find the right strategy for you and work on its disciplined implementation in racing.

 5. Joy in the effort: We do it because we love it! And even if our training sometimes hurts, we should never lose sight of the bigger picture - and have fun on our journey every day!