The world is in engagement crisis. According to the latest Gallup study, worldwide, only 13% of employees working for an organization are engaged in their jobs, i.e. motivated and committed. This is catastrophic in the age of knowledge workers, where engagement, motivation and drive at the workplace can make a huge and decisive difference for success and competitiveness of an enterprise. Unmotivated and frustrated employees are prone to burn-outs, which numbers are on the rise worldwide, especially in highly industrialized and developed economies.

The world is in the health crisis: World Health Organization on World Health Day 2016 – FIGHT DIABETES: “The number of people living with diabetes and its prevalence are growing in all regions of the world. In 2012, diabetes caused 1.5 million deaths. Most people have the type 2 form of the disease, which is largely caused by unhealthy eating and lack of physical activity.”  

Unhealthy people are unhappy and frustrated, unhealthy employees are less productive and engaged.

Health and engagement in life and work are closely and causally connected. Poor health results in low personal energy and low life and work engagement. Physical energy and health are fundamental for everything. Improving health means improving quality of life and it means improving quality of work.

Better health habits, burn-out prevention and growth of engagement in work and life start with better self-management, especially with better care about own health: physical, emotional and mental. Then it is about the right environment: a healthy and high performing organization will prevent burn-outs and disengagement!

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