CTB 8: Fast girls on bikes.. or catch me if you can!

Ups, it happened again today... I was doing my short speed intervals, going 38-40km/hr, and pushing hard. Going faster than traffic :-) And almost double as fast as that guy on his expensive road bike with high profile wheels. When I passed him, I waved my hand saying "bonjour" as I always do when I pass other cyclists. 30 seconds later, he was riding next to me. Of course! How can a blond girl with a round bum be faster? IMPOSSIBLE! And it happens again, and again, and again.. Even old guys with hairy legs, wool jerseys and steel bikes always do it. The question is "why?". So this time I asked him, "Please tell me why a girl can not be faster than you?" Answer: "But you were not fast!" Hilarious!!! i almost fell of my bike laughing...  So he drafted couple of minutes behind me, then went ahead making angry noises and breathing hard... and took the next turn... As it always happens.... :-) 

Peace and enjoy your ride, everyone!