CTB 35: One Year after “Date with Destiny” – personal transformation


Last December I attended the “Date with Destiny” seminar of Tony Robbins, the modern-era guru of personal transformation and a person with an ocean of energy, charisma, influence, NLP, and many more skills. A full year has passed since – so did anything change?

I am sure that all of us have been to trainings, workshops and seminars that were interesting and engaging and we had a feeling that we were learning something there. We might even have been taking notes in fancy notebooks we got there ….  but back into our daily jobs and busy lives, we would return to our usual routines and would not change a thing. Partly because we don’t really practice effective learning habits and a Kaizen mindset but largely because all these seminars failed to provide a compelling incentive for change, they did not create urgency of action, did not anchor the “why” for change and the required behavioral shifts deep in the psychological blueprint and nervous system.  “Date with Destiny” did all of that for me – and much more.

“Most men lead a life of quiet desperation” – so most people go to this quite expensive seminar because they want a change in their lives – sometimes specific but mostly very unspecific. They just have significant areas of serious discontent and have this feeling that “it can not be all there is” – maybe they are curious and open-minded. There were also many people there who actually did not really want to go and were not open-minded (at least in the beginning) but their suffering was so great that they overcame the gravitational pull and managed to drag themselves there. Or their loved ones made them go. In any case, getting to this seminar is already an act of destiny.

What you learn there are the skills of managing your emotional state and doing it fully consciously and purposefully. You move away from thoughts that are stopping you from getting where you want to go and from being a better version of yourself – you disassociate from these destructive patters of thinking by doing powerful and for most people cathartic exercises. The crazy thing is that you do these partly hypnotic immersions into yourself with several thousand other people in the room – and this multiplies the intensity a thousand times.

Letting go of destructive and unproductive patterns is very important. It is actually the key. Because when you do it - YOU BECOME FREE.

When you are free, you can do anything. Nothing holds you back and everything becomes easy. You just need to get into the right emotional state – and put an intentional action plan in place. Being free from unproductive, negative and even destructive patters of thinking is unbelievably liberating. It feels like dropping 200kg of weight. It feels like you are levitating. You smile all the time. And you are happy for no reason.

It still feels like that one year after the seminar. For me personally and for all the people who attended and whom I spoke with. You can actually recognize these people right away – because their eyes are sparkling and their happiness is as genuine as that of a Labrador puppy. If they had a tail, they would be wagging it all the time.

So what else happened, more specifically? Well, as you can imagine, this kind of a transformed person attracts other people. People like to be around positive, smiling, happy and loving people, right? (For the same reason they get a dog – they want unconditional love, someone who is always happy to see them and who does not judge them.). So if you become this kind of a person, wonderful things start happening to you:

  • You attract amazing people into your life
  • You get a lot of new friends
  • Your relationships improve
  • You become more mindful
  • You do more things that scare you
  • You have much more fun in life, you smile, laugh and dance more
  • You find your calling
  • You attract your soul mate
  • You do what you love.

All of that is absolutely, f*** amazing, I can tell you.  It feels like it will stick for life.

So, did YOU have a date with destiny this year? Can I help you with your transformation journey?

Be open, be curious, be brave, do things that scare you, have courage to do what you love - And your life will never be the same!

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