CTB 34: Planning your best year yet!


December - December - this busy month is about finishing projects, committing to new goals, celebrating, getting together, going on holiday and so much more. It is also about reviewing the passing year and planning and imagining the next one. Was 2017 a good year? Was it one where positive emotions ruled, learnings were abundant and you stayed healthy, active, kind and curious? Maybe it was your best year yet - but still - what would make it even better? 

I have been using the “Best-year-yet” planning process below for many years – and it has always been a very helpful exercise: intentional, reliable and fun. I would like to recommend it to everyone!

Take quality time – your best time of the day - to do it. Go step by step: spend time to reflect, be honest, bold and optimistic. Write it all down, or even better, make a poster and use images and colors to visualize your mission, values and focus areas. Print out and laminate your macro- and micro-plans (or take a photo and make it a screen saver on your phone) – and have it with you all the time. It will serve as a magic “kick-ass” reminder – and your life will never be the same!

“Best-year-yet” planning process

 Step 1: Review

  1. Start with celebration - what were my key achievements in 2017?
  2. What were the most beautiful moments of the year?
  3. What did not happen and why?

Step 2: Education

  1. What are my key lessons from 2017? What did I learn for life?
  2. What was I doing and how was I behaving when I got my best results?

 Step 3: Developing the vision for 2018 – the “Why”

  1. My key focus areas for 2018.
  2. My key values for 2018.
  3. My mission.

 Step 4: Developing the action plan – the “What”

  1.  Bringing my mission to life - What are my objectives for each of the following areas:      i) Health, ii) Finance, iii) Work, iv) Relationships, v) Soul, vi) Unforgettable emotions and events?
  2. What am I looking forward to in 2018?

 Step 5: Developing the execution plan – the “How”

  1. Macro monthly planning: what are my goals for each area every month of the year?
  2. Micro weekly planning:
  • What are the key habits and rituals that will support me in living my mission and values every day?
  • My “training plan” for the week – what am I doing every day to reach my monthly goals? 

The best is yet to come!