CTB 31: The Mountain Manifesto


Here´s to the crazy ones.  

          The trail runners.

                     The ultra-endurance freaks.            

                               The human mountain goats.

The ones who can jump from stone to stone and accelerate on a steep downhill.

They don’t like asphalt. They despise city marathons. They love nature, running in forests, deserts, mountains and valleys.

They leave no traces and no trash behind. Animals come to greet them. They smell their soul mates.

You can say they are masochists. You can think they are self-destructing. You can envy their courage and wish you had the guts to run all night long. And then all day long.

They are seemingly indestructible fearless souls. Driven by passion and their endless will to test themselves, to push the limits, to walk on the edge.

They share the same physiology with the rest of the human race. But they have a different mentality. Some of them are converted flatlanders. All of them are normal people.

They change the idea of what is humanly possible.

Because only those who are crazy enough to imagine they run uphill all day, actually do it.

Run mountains – your life will never be the same!