CTB 25: Sochi: from Olympics to IronStar

Three years ago, Sochi hosted Winter Olympic Games, first time in Russia and first time in a sub-tropical climate, which Sochi is. I travelled many times to Sochi, working for the IOC, and also could witness the Games live: "Hot, cool, yours" - Sochi Games were an unforgettable experience (despite of me getting really sick there...).

But now what to do with all the venues, hotels and infrastructure built for the mega-event? The eternal legacy question of Olympic Games... Russian answer: 1) Stimulate tourism, 2) Direct conferences and conventions to Sochi, 3) Build a F1 circuit in the Olympic park - and the best of all 4) Organize an Iron distance triathlon in Sochi! And IronStar is in charge. 

Ironstar  is Russian triathlon! The epic series of events include sprint, Olympic, Half- Ironman and full Ironman distances across Russian cities. The Grand Finale - IronStar 226 - the Ironman distance, will take place on Sept 23rd in Olympic Sochi and partly on F1 circuit - how cool is that? My brave athlete Darren Ho #mentalchampion from Singapore will fly over half of the world to race there! I will help him with my personal coaching and all other participants with my training plans! It will be unforgettable again!

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