CTB 22: Golden nuggets of triathlon training - what I learned from Brett Sutton

4 Olympic Medals, 16 ITU World Champions, 78 Ironman 70.3 champions, 80 Ironman Champions 

This is the impressive résumé of Brett Sutton, the world´s most successful triathlon coach. He does many things differently and follows unconventional paths in his coaching.  I had the privilege to learn from Brett as participant of TriSutto Academy, to "shadow" him during the training of professional athletes and to get insights into his methodology - "the process produces the results", as Brett says. And more important, I could learn about his art of coaching, which is all about understanding the human and the unique personality behind each athlete. 


So being over-inspired, I collected some "golden nuggets" into this video. Really, just a few things that TriSutto squad does differently. My notebook is full of ideas, insights, thoughts... My coaching will never be the same! Thank you, Brett!