CTB 16: Cycling cols and life...

What cycling in mountains and over high altitude cols (mountain passes) can teach you about life? Well, many things!

1. Cycling uphill is difficult - but no col lasts forever. Same in life, sometimes you have a difficult period, but it will not last forever. Yes, it is difficult and maybe event painful right now - but you have to trust that it will be over one day. 

2. Cycling uphill gets easier when you train it - the fitter you are, the more fun it is. So in life, the fitter and more prepared you are: physically, mentally and emotionally, the easier it gets to overcome obstacles - and it is more fun too! 

3. When you reach the col summit, a new horizon opens. The challenges we face teach us new insights, new skills and new perspectives. When we struggle, we grow! 

4. There is always a downhill after a col and you can enjoy the ride. Life is like a Zebra - one black stripe, one white, one black, one white... In black stripes we struggle and grow, in white ones we relax and enjoy. 

5. Cycling in mountains is better with buddies. Cycling is social as our lives are. We need to get out of our personal bubble and to unite with other people to be able to conquer highest mountains - for achievement, safety and fun!

6. You need good fuel for your long ride in mountains. No cyclist will leave without hydration and nutrition - no fuel, no performance. For top performances in life, we also need to ensure best fuel possible. And science confirms - our best fuel comes from plants!

7. You have to be prepared for weather changes - take an extra jacket with you. You also never know how your day turns out - be prepared for "weather changes". Have your "survival kit" with you at any time: money, phone, some fuel, swiss knife, rain jacket, etc. Be prepared! 

8. Compared to mountains, flat riding is boring. Once you experienced the beauty of mountains, glaciers, water falls, fast descends, gruelling uphills and adrenaline of Alpine air, you will find flat roads just boring. So by bringing adventure, thrill and challenge in your life, you will enrich it so much, that you will never want to go back to a "flatlander" normality. 

9. Taking stupid risks is stupid. Period. Mountains can be dangerous, we need to respect them, be sensible and never take stupid risks, especially on fast descends. Taking stupid risks is stupid, in cycling and in life. 

Enjoy your ride!