CTB 4: Five running workouts every marathon and Ironman athlete must have done

These are 5 key workouts to build very specific skills and boost the overall performance. In order to get to these volumes and intensity, you need to start slowly, with just a couple of reps... Going too fast too long too soon is very likely to lead to an injury - so be sensible and patient. Once you get to these, you will rock&roll!

  1. 30x30/30 sec - This French "30sec fast - 30sec slow" method builds VO2max like nothing else. 
  2. 10x1000m intervals - This workout builds your fatigue resistance. If you are really hard-core, you can do 15x...
  3. 10x3min uphill, fast - Mountain goat training! Excellent training for flat races too. 
  4. 2hrs negative split run - Negative split always wins!
  5. 2x10km tempo run - a really long interval training to train pacing and build fatigue resistance. 

Never stop running!!!